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What is YetAnotherScraper?

YAS is an application that let's you download, or "scrape," search results from yellowpages.com (and yellowpages.ca, the Canadian version of the site).

How does it work?

You simply paste your YellowPages URL into the application and hit start, and then sit back while YAS does all the work. The output files are then ready to import into a database or used as-is, or may (optionally) be compressed and downloaded if the application was run remotely.

What formats does it support?

YAS supports three formats: XML, CSV (Comma-Separated Values) and HTML. The fetched data may be used as-is; Parsed or processed by your own application(s), imported into a database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc) or imported into Microsoft Excel. Due to the flexibility of the provided output formats, integration of extracted data into your own system is easy and likely natively supported.

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YetAnotherScraper - a yellowpages.com data harvester

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